Is Hemp Good For Your Sleep?

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Dec 23, 2020

Is hemp good for your sleep?

There's been a flood of CBD and hemp related products into the market recently. The big question is, do they actually help?

What is the difference between hemp and cbd anyways?

Actually, both CBD and Hemp are both derived from the cannabis plant. Hemp is typically extracted from the seeds, while CBD oil comes from the leafy protrusions (think leaves, stems, and flowers). CBD oil would by it's very nature contain slight traces more of THC, the active agent that may cause a high, but both ingredients don't have enough of the chemical to produce a high.

Ok now that we've gotten that out of the way, there's a lot of overlap between these 2 ingredients. You may have noticed the 'green rush' overtaking just about any industry in which some advantageous CEO or marketing executive might find it savvy to inject a little CBD or hemp. From soaps, to gummies, to incense, to everything in between, if you're looking in the consumer sector, you'll probably stumble on a variant with a hemp leaf on it. For legal purposes, a lot of companies will opt for hemp as opposed to CBD for their packaging and marketing purposes alone, especially when considering the somewhat murky area in which this new (not so) niche market has exploded, and the ambiguity and ambivalence expressed from the federal government.

What are the health benefits of hemp & CBD?

Ok, legally speaking, the FDA has recognized the interest surrounded the purported health benefits of these ingredients, but has approved only one prescription CBD drug, used to treat rare forms of epilepsy. But, just because it isn't approved by the FDA doesn't mean there isn't value in it. In fact, many currently used drugs, therapies or therapeutics first found there way to market as off-label, or are still currently utilized primarily as off-label.

Despite CBD and hemp being touted as a potential cure-all, the most overwhelming amount of research points to the aiding of anxiety and stress. And within those studies, the evidence strongly indicates the relationship between hemp aiding in sleep-related issues, precisely because of its efficacy with stress reduction and relief. There is research that supports the claim that hemp can help reduce chronic pain, and potentially reduce inflammation. The health claims and benefits purported thereafter, however, span from the wild to the dangerously bold. With a lack of evidence, we could not make any safe claims past those, and yet you will see the market rife with exaggerations.

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Written by Marc Grossman, OD

Dr. Grossman lectures nationally on topics such as Natural Vision Improvement, Psycho-Emotional Aspects of Visual Conditions, Vision & Learning, Holistic Integrative Visual Therapy, and Chinese Medicine and Vision Care. He also teaches workshops for health care professionals including physical therapists, chiropractors and body workers, social workers, occupational therapists and other optometrists. Dr. Grossman is a consultant to school systems, rehabilitation centers and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.